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Adoptions Appointment Booking System Estimating / Job Costing Lab Analysis
Quotation Systems Crew Scheduling Faxing Library
Safety Manuals Customer Relations Management Information Tracking Mass Email
Shipping Document Management Inventory Point of Sale
Time Tracking Employee Training History Job Tracking Printing Manuals
Work Order Systems  Event Registration Natural Disaster File Manangement  

Process to transfer text and pictures from a database up to a website
Displaying XML Feed files on a website

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Custom Software for the Mac

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-system to track charges and payments of adoption fees
-generate customer statements
-track birth mother and adoptive parents information
-print reports and labels for multiple purposes
-allow users to query the database to find a specific client or clients in numerous ways
Appointment Booking System

-booking system that allows for separate time sheets for each employee
-the system prevents a new booking or modifying a booking from overlapping with an existing one
-different types of bookings can be shown in different colors
-2 full calendar months visible on the screen at 15 minute intervals from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Crew Scheduling

-booking of work crew for product installations
-shows job #, job duration, job type
Customer Relations Management

-application to track all of your contact with your clients and any associated due dates
-events that have been given a due date can be either marked as completed or their due date can be modified
-allows for viewing of either a specific clients full history, or a listing of everything that has a due date and has not been marked as completed, or events by calendar date
-notes can be recorded as either Contact notes with no associated due date of Actionable Items with an associated due date
-can be customized to record an associated file with each note
Document Management

-ability to track large number of documents associated with a job and view them in their native applications
-searching for jobs based upon predefined criteria
-associate jobs with multiple inspectors
-tracks problems associated with each specific job if any exist
Employee Training History

-courses can be defined as complete/incomplete, pass/fail or graded
-courses can be assigned an expiration date
-the system will tell you when any certifications are going to expire in the next specified number of months

-construction estimating program involving numerous different calculations separated by construction areas
-job cost summary information displayed as a total or by each construction area and can be compared to amount charged to determine profit margin

-Job costing - tracking costs and payments made on different projects.


-system to generate a file to import into a faxing program
Information Tracking

-rewrite of G50 (Alberta Oilfield Monitoring program) numerous complex mathematical equations
-can bring up customers transaction history
-ability to open associated files (drawings, documents, spread sheets) in their native application

-track animals vaccinations, feed, lineage, pastures etc

-sends an email to customer when order is shipped


-inventory tracking system for equipment that requires period calibration
-gives advanced notice that equipment has to be recalibrated
Job Tracking

-tracking technicians, vehicles on specific job types
-recording information regarding customer data
-ability to see current status of a specific job or all coming due
-reporting for customer and for internal use
-integrated with accounting program and time tracking program
Lab Analysis

-micro biological and chemical analysis
-ability to add tests with variant result types on the fly
-audit trail logging of all changes made to any information related to a work order

-DNA lab work order tracking system linked to company website to display status of customer's job status


-System to track logging in and out of safety manuals
Mass Email

-email programs that send either simple text or HTML type messages
-generates reports detailing the email addresses that the message was sent to
-allows for program to import an excel file with list of email addresses to sent to
Point of Sale

-can view sale of a specific department from the past 3 years from a time period of the current month and the previous 2 months
-work order system built in to convert work order to invoice
-suggest quantities of inventory to order based upon previous sales
-receive orders into inventory with just the click of 1 button
-can record transactions in US and Canadian funds
-records transactions for different companies
-email sent to accounting when a transaction is recorded
-lookup customer history to facilitate returns
-records customer credit and debit amounts
-can print and save quotes
-fast lookup of customers by phone number or partial name 
-automatic discounts associated with specific customers
-ability to override product selling price
-ability to import vendor price lists
-record work orders and convert them to invoices with the click of 1 button
-inventory records prices for each product from up to 3 separate vendors
-transaction logging to record whom recorded the sale, quote, order, receiving, price change etc
-numerous way to examine profit margin over time, product categories, customer specific, etc

-program to generate order confirmations and invoices

-selection of products from dropdown list
-records multiple shipping addresses for each client
-allows for a quote to be turned into an invoice or a deposit
-allows for a deposit to be turned into an invoice
-graphical reports to compare sales over 2 years

Printing Manuals

Quotation Systems

-inventory structure allows for multiple parent child relationships
Safety Manuals

-cd rom based safety manual to be distributed to the companies clients

-produces pick list for filling orders and packing slips for the customer
-emails customer that order has been shipped
Time Tracking

-system to track employees time
-time recorded at 15 minute intervals and with an associated category
-Log In and Out times recorded separately
-Statistics and Percentage Billable displayed
-pay period calculations
-2 week pay period is locked after dates have passes and can only be unlocked by an administrator
-time categories can be added, modified and deleted on the fly
Work Order Systems

-product selection by code or by built by selecting component products
-visual representation of order components
-work orders converted to invoices
-products selected from graphical designs
Event Registration


-associated people as they arrive to event with a specific table and table captain
-print summary reports of all attendees with their associated attendance type
-reset the database for use in subsequent years
Process to update website from a local Database -transfer time restricted sales information to website

-pull text and associated graphics from a database to display on website 

Display XML Feed -XML feed files are files containing information that is constantly changing.  The file is created by a vendor that gives you access to it and then you can have the information in that file displayed on your website.  When the information in the file is changed, the changes will show up on your website.
Mac Programs


-Program to track jobs for clients
-analyze client's buying trends
-summarize yearly sales
-notification of all jobs that are coming due
Natural Disaster File Manangement

-system to create and update files relating to natural disasters
-generates summary and detailed reports for management

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